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Time for cocktails

Where to go for cocktails and party in Ericeira? There’s plenty to choose from, especially in the summer. During daytime everyone is busy surfing or sightseeing. At night everyone comes together in the little streets of downtown Ericeira. In summer the nights are warm and the small streets are filled with people. Young and old, tourists and locals, everyone’s there. Live music performances are weekly and well known.

Fun fact about Ericeira’s nightlife: did you know that Portugals first nightclub is in Ericeira? Discobar Ouriço is over 50 years old and has become an essential part of town. If you’ve been to Ericeira you’ve probably noticed their big murals. Their walls change regularly and are a popular backdrop for many tourists’ photos. They organize annual anniversary celebrations and special themed nights.

Small bars like Adega and Tubo are very fun to go to. These bars don’t fit many people, especially Tubo, so the majority of party people stand outstide on the streets. That’s where the magic happens. Drinks are affordable and the atmosphere is great.