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Snorkeling boat trip to the Berlengas

In the Berlengas


The perfect daytrip: on a boat to the Berlenga Islands, just 12 kilometers of the coast of Peniche. Together with a professional company we provide these fun boattrips where we go hiking, snorkeling, cliffdiving and wake surfing. Read everything about this adventure in our blog about the boat trip to the Berlengas.

Boat trip to the berlengas portugal

You start the day with the speedboat from Peniche to the main island. There we will do a walking tour on the island, while a guide tells stories about its history; the shipwrecks, pirates, it’s flora and fauna and the ocean. You walk from the lighthouse to the fort.

snorkling in the berlengas portugal

snorkling in the berlengas portugal

After the tour the snorkeling starts. In a beautiful cove with clear blue water you can see fish everywhere and jump of rocks into the water. Maybe you’ll finish the day with some wake surfing behind the boat.

Costs: €35 for the entire trip

cliff diving berlenga islands portugal