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Forward Gold Purchase Agreement

The conclusion of a commodity futures contract can have significant advantages over traditional forms of equity and debt financing: normally, the buyer bears the price risk of the commodity, while the seller bears the costs and costs of manufacturing, transporting, refining and delivering the goods to the buyer. While the contract for the sale of goods can normally be documented under New York law or English, the security package is often linked, as far as the agreement is concerned, to the jurisdiction in which the mining facilities and associated mining companies are located, and it is structured with the input of the relevant local councillor. Commodity futures contracts are generally subject to normal diligence for the seller and the mine concerned, and the closing conditions are similar to those sought by lenders in the event of debt financing. In the background, we finance mining equipment and mining with silver, and gold production processes are used to fulfill contractual obligations. The customer can control the operation and monitor our activities, such as .B shipping machinery and purchasing mining equipment. In addition, the customer can receive invoices for these transfers. The conversion may be carried out by PGB in whole or in part during the incremental conversion period of US$1,000,000 and in exchange for 8,610,967 common shares (corresponding to a reduction of 2,000 ounces of available gold under the Agreement). After the changeover to the euro, if necessary, the monthly quantities of gold that will be delivered to PGB under the agreement will be reduced to pro-rata. When the Company`s common shares operate at a price of more than 0.465 CDN per share for the duration of the agreement (which is a trading price equivalent to three (3) times the processing price) for a period of twenty (20) consecutive trading days, PGB is required to complete the conversion. Labuan, Malaysia / April 28, 2020 – MetalStream Ltd (LL16561, “MetalStream”) is pleased to announce the signing of a forward purchase agreement for 10,000 oz of gold (the “agreement”) with Altamira Gold Corp.