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Module 1 Integration Agreement Austria

“Deutsch in `sterreich” is a certified course provider of the Austrian Integration Fund . On their behalf, we offer integration courses for people (third-country nationals) who have designed our integration courses as an intensive program and include 24 45-minute course units (TU) per week. No, the integration exams of the SDs only exist in Austria. All other SD exams can be taken in your country of origin (z.B. `SD Zertifikat A1`) which third-country nationals need as proof of German language skills before immigration. The Integration Agreement aims to integrate third-country nationals legally established in Austria and aims to acquire language skills and advanced German knowledge of the democratic system and the fundamental principles that flow from it. The basic knowledge of German for the use of the basic language is necessary to obtain a residence permit before entry. The 2017 Integration Agreement contains measures to ensure the successful integration of third-country nationals living in Austria. It consists of two modules. The free documents for the preparation of the integration exams of the SD contain: – An example of a test (exercise sheets for reading, Listening, writing, values and policies, as well as speech, response keys and audio files) – A catalogue of questions on values and guidance – A video example of an oral examination People (third-country nationals) who signed the 2017 Integration Agreement commit themselves in accordance with the Integration Act to complete Module 1 of the integration contract within two years of obtaining a residence permit.

Module 1 aims at the knowledge of German for the basic use of the language, which corresponds to an A2 language level. Module 1 of the Integration Agreement, which includes not only language content (speaking, writing, hearing, reading) but also civic values and knowledge (Federal Constitution, Citizenship Act, etc.) will be finalized as part of the module`s integration review. To take part in this course, you need a voucher from the Austrian Integration Fund. It is issued by the authority with which you signed the integration contract. Module 1 (temporary residence permit) requires knowledge of German at A2 level of the common European framework of reference for languages, as well as knowledge of the fundamental values of the Austrian legal and social order. There are specific integration courses funded for migrants with insufficient language skills. However, these integration courses are not mandatory. The SDS can carry out integration checks until the end of May 2021 (see transitional provisions of the new immigration agreement). Migrants can benefit from financial assistance in the form of a blue federal voucher from the FI to take integration courses (module 1) in a certified institute. The implantation authorities – the magistrate or the district team – hand over the voucher to so-called relatives under certain conditions. Dependants are unmarried spouses or minor children of Austrian, Swiss and EEA citizens and third-country nationals with long-term residence permits (e.g.B.

EU permanent residence permit, permanent residence permit, asylum, etc.). The results for the language tests (refer only to the test forms “A1 – Fit f-r `sterreich` ` `IF-TEST neu`, `Deutsch-Test for `sterreich`, `B2-F-Test`) are delivered to the candidates within 2 weeks of the test only by the IF.