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Nld License Agreement

22.2 The licensee or TRAI may perform performance tests and evaluate QoS parameters in the licensee`s network at any time during the licence`s validity. The licensee provides assistance for these tests, including instruments, equipment, etc.( for NLD licensees who wish to provide only Layer 2 and Layer-3 VPN services, instead of the safety monitoring conditions applicable to NLD licensees, the following security monitoring conditions apply, provided that the taker receives links/bandwidth from other NLD/ILD/LIZenznehmers licensees/International ISP Services Gateways: (vii) The licensee must create monitoring facilities for all intruders, attacks and frauds and report them to the licensee and/or cert-in. These entities are created by the licensee within twelve (twelve) months of the date of the issuance of this amendment and notified to the licensee once it has been established during that period. The authority of the Member State to grant the authorisation of the Member State for the granting of a licence must be subject to the licensing authority. 3. The legal auditor is the legal auditor of the licensee`s accounts, which is currently designated in accordance with the requirements of the 1956 Shareholders` Act. 23.5 The licensee has the right to take over the licensee`s service, equipment and networks, or to partially or partially terminate or suspend the service, depending on instructions given in the public interest or in the event of an emergency, war or low-intensity conflict or other events. 22.1 The licensee ensures the quality standards (QOS) prescribed by the licensee or the TRAI. The licensee complies with these QoS standards and makes the required information available in a timely manner. (e) is recommended by TRAI to terminate the licence in case of non-compliance with the terms of the license. 21.1 Encryption equipment that is connected to the licensee`s network for specific needs must have a pre-assessment and approval from the licensee or agent specifically designated for this purpose. However, it is the licensee`s responsibility to ensure the privacy of communications and to ensure that there are no unauthorized eavesdropping of messages. 2.3 The licensee is required to provide the above-mentioned good quality services by creating a state-of-the-art digital network.

43rd year for the profit-sharing royalty is the year ended March 31 and the four quarters end june 30, September 30, December 31 and March 31, respectively. The licensee, including maintenance, will make arrangements to allow for security screening, provided the designated security authorities require it. The costs of surveillance equipment are the responsibility of the licensee. The sharing of monitoring functions with existing licensees, whose bandwidth/connectivity has been assumed, is permitted on mutually agreed terms.