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Things to do in and around Ericeira

What are the fun things to do in and around Ericeira? The area has a lot to offer, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Surf lessons, mountainbiking and yoga classes, we can all arrange it for you. Ericeira is also situated perfectly for city trips, since it’s close to cities like Lisbon, Sintra, Mafra, Cascais and Estoril. And after a long day of sightseeing and being active, there’s always a cafe around the corner where you can find a nice glass of regional wine and a pastel de nata.


Great waves for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers

The World Surfing Reserve of Ericeira offers waves year-round. In summertime they are usually smaller than wintertime. But the best thing about surfing in Ericeira is that there are waves for every level. Mellow beachbreaks that are perfect for beginners, and more challenging reefbreaks for intermediate or experienced surfers. Read more about all surf spots in and around Ericeira in our Ericeira Surf Spot Guide. Want to take surflessons or rent a surfboard? We have connections with surfschools close to Olá Onda. Let us know and we’ll arrange everything. Check out our Surf page for more information.

Prices per person
€40 per lesson / pack of 5 lessons: €175

Price includes surfboard, wetsuit, booties, insurance and transfer from and to Olá Onda Guesthouse.

Please note: adults can surf almost every day of the year in Ericeira, but for those under 18 the ocean is sometimes too rough and they won’t be allowed to join the surf lesson. Read more


Stretch & relax

What better way to start or end your day than with a nice yoga session? Stretching your muscles while gaining strength and getting relaxed at the same time. At Olá Onda we organize a weekly yoga class for all levels. Next to that, we can also arrange a private yoga class for you, whenever and wherever you like. If you prefer to join a class in a studio, there is also a studio at 10 minutes walking from Olá Onda.

Group yoga class at Olá Onda (min 3 people): €20 per person
Private class: €60 for 1 to 3 persons, 4 or more: €20 per person
Class in studio: €20 per person Read more


Explore by bike

Come mountainbiking with us in Ericeira or Sintra this summer! It’s the best way to discover the beautiful coastline of the World Surfing Reserve, the Sintra woods and the Lizandro valley. The Ericeira and Sintra area offer many different trails for all levels, from beginner to (very) advanced, and all tours offer something special and unique. No matter which one you choose, we promise you a super fun tour where you’ll get to see another side of Ericeira, Sintra and Portugal.  The mountainbikes we use are of a high quality and the tour guides are certified and friendly. There are six different tours to choose from, so there is a tour for every level! Read all info on our Mountainbiking Page.

Prices per person
Sunset Cliff Top Ride €40
Wine Tasting Tour €75
Lizandro Trails €50
Sintra Mountainbiking €70
Palace to Sea €50

Prices include high quality mountainbike, certified guide, transfer, helmet, insurance and water. Read more


Ultimate relaxation

If you really want to completely relax, or your muscles need some love after surfing or mountainbiking, we can arrange a massage for you. The massage therapist comes to Olá Onda and brings a table, so you don’t need to do anything, or go anywhere. Just lay down and let the relaxation begin.

1 hour: €60
1,5 hour: €80

A couple/duo massage is also possible. Two massage therapists can come to Olá Onda to massage you and your partner/friend at the same time.


Concrete surfing

When there is no surf but you still want to ride something, go skateboarding! Lisbon is filled with fun street spots and big concrete skateparks, and in and around Ericeira there are also some skateparks that are definitely worth a visit. We’ve made a list of the best parks in and around Lisbon and Ericeira. Read more


Discover Portugal


Go to Lisbon. Now. The capital of Portugal is a definate must-see if you come to Portugal. It has everything you need: coffee (but it in a street kiosk for only 0,90 cents), good food (affordable restaurants are everywhere), party (check out Bairro Alto for cheap beer and then head to Lux for cocktails), views (Lisbon is built on 7 hills, so there are 7 viewpoints -miradouros-), a river (walk along the Tagus river to Belém), culture (churches, castles, monuments, museums aplenty) and friendly locals (most speak English and will give you a warm welcome).


Sintra is a mysterious but beautiful place. High on mountaintops you’ll find Disney like castles in crazy colours. It is close to the sea but has a micro climate. Strange plants grow here, and the forrest is a little Harry Potter like. Great for sightseeing and mountain biking or hiking. 40 minutes driving from Olá Onda.

Cabo da Roca

The most occidental spot in Europe. When you get there, you cannot go anymore west on Europe’s mainland. A special place, amidst of beautiful nature. Prepare for tourists.

Cascais & Estoril

Known as a fancy area for rich Lisboetas, Cascais and Estoril are well kept, well situated towns west of the capital city. Palm trees everywhere, a big promenade and harbor, countless beaches and good restaurants.

Santa Cruz

A more sincere Portuguese beachtown you will not find. Only Portuguese tourists here, so prices are low. You can get you coffee or glass of wine here for €0,60. If you want a little more chique, go to Noah, right on the beach. Speaking of the beach, it is beautiful. If the ocean is too rough for you, go to Praia Formosa, only a 10 minute walk to the south.


Mafra is a small city 10 minutes driving from Olá Onda. It is mainly known for its gigantic and extravagant palace, the Palácio Nacional de Mafra. This palace makes the rest of the city look tiny. Inside the palace there is a monastry, a basilica and a library with over 36.000 ancient books.


Surfers paradise. Because of the peninsula that is Peniche, and more northern Baleal, you can surf here with any tide, wind and swell. For all levels. Next to that, Peniche is also a typically fisherman’s town full of Portuguese history. Take a look at the former seaside prison, where opposants of dictator Salazar were kept. 1 hour drive from Ola Onda.


Home to the worlds biggest waves. If you have seen the videos of the biggest wave ever ridden in 2013, you’ll want to go here. The town of Nazaré is also pretty nice, especially the view from up the hill. Buy some nuts and dried fruit from the stalls of ladies in traditional clothes on the square. 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Olá Onda.


A charming little town, surrounded by a castle wall and filled with tiny white houses; Óbidos is very photogenic and romantic. It makes a great daytrip from Ericeira. You can walk all around the town on the wall, visit the castle, churches or monuments, drink some ginginha de Obidos, a cherry liquor typically from there. If you happen to be here in march or april, don’t miss the International Chocolate Festival. 50 minute drive from Olá Onda


Some call it the “Bronx of Portugal”. Dark, rugged but very hip and beautiful. JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter here. When you see Porto, you’ll know. The port is to die for, architecture is intruiging and culture is everywhere. Worth the 3,5 hour drive from Olá Onda.

Azenhas do Mar

A cute and small seaside town, with a tiny beach and a big semi-natural pool.


Discover Portugal by foot

The Ericeira area has great trails for lovers of hiking. There are some trails next to the ocean and more inland you’ll find nature in the national park of Sintra, Tapada de Mafra or Serra de Montejunto. Trails variate from just a couple kilometers to 10 or more. We are happy to provide you with more information to find a suitable trail. Read more