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Concrete surfing

When there is no surf but you still want to ride something, go skateboarding! Lisbon is filled with fun streetspots and big concrete skateparks, and in and around Ericeira there are also some skateparks that are definately worth a visit. We’ve made a list of the best parks around in and around Lisbon and Ericeira.

Ericeira Boardriders

boardriders ericeira skatepark

At only 10 minutes walking from Olá Onda Guesthouse you’ll find Ericeira Boardriders. Right outside the Quiksilver store -with bar and terrace- there’s a big concrete skatepark that’s open for everyone. You can even check the waves at Matadouro and enjoy the sunset from here.

Address: Avenida de Saõ Sebastião ,36 A, 2655-319 Ericeira

Parque das Gerações, São João do Estoril

One of the biggest concrete skateparks around. Next to the beach this park is a popular spot for all Estoril youth. There’s a big pool and a lot of flat concrete space with different obstacles. It’s easy to park close to the skatepark, there’s a little cafe and public toilets.

Address: António Ferro, 2765-218 São João do Estoril

Monsanto Skatepark, Lisbon

A brand new skatepark in the middle of the green heart in Lisbon, Monsanto Park. Street and bowl for every level.

Address: Estr. de Montes Claros, Lisboa

Skatepark Vale de Chelas, Lisbon

Not far from Lisbon’s city centre and the airport, you’ll find this concrete skatepark in Vale de Chelas, a green valley in Lisbon.

Address: Avenida Santo Condestável, Lisboa


At 40 minutes driving from Olá Onda Guesthouse you’ll find the concrete skatepark in Lourinhã. The park has two pools and is right next to a cafe. In the evening there are lights.

Address: Av. Maestro Manuel Maria Baltazar, 2530-921 Lourinhã

Terreiro dos Radicais, Lisbon

Skatepark Terreiro dos Radicais, ‘Terrain of the radicals’, is right next to the 17 kms long Vasco da Gama brigde in Lisbon. This park is around 3000m2 and has several obstacles for skaters and bmxers.

Address: Passeio do Tejo, Lisbon