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Ericeira Surf Spot Guide

Get to know the area

This is the one and only Olá Onda Ericeira Surf Spot Guide. This guide tells you all about the different surf spots in Ericeira and the entire area to the north and south. Which surf spots are good for beginners? And for the more experienced surfer? What is the best tide? Is it sand or reef bottom? Where can I rent a board, get a surf lesson, eat a snack and park my car? This guide tells it all.

Within just a couple of kilometers of Ericeira coast, The World Surfing Reserve, there are multiple high quality waves for all levels. All surf spots within Ericeira will be described, as well as some north and south of town. Nice to know: all spots in Ericeira have a sign next to the road, with the name of the spot and a color, like a skipiste. Green, blue, red and black.

To enjoy the Ericeira area and it’s surf spots in the best way possible, we recommend to rent a car.


North of Ericeira