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Olá Onda in Viva Magazine with restaurant and surfing tips for Ericeira

Last month we were asked to provide tips about Ericeira for the Dutch magazine Viva. And of course we wanted to share our favorite spots! Viva wanted to hear all about the best places to eat traditional food, healthy hotspots, where to go sightseeing, partying, surfing and the best places to sleep in Ericiera. So we provided photos and text for them; 4 pages! For everyone who’s interested in our article but doesn’t speak Dutch, we’ve translated it into English and you can read it below.


Tasca da Boa Viagem

A small and typically Portuguese restaurant where you can eat delicious fish and meat. You can choose your own fish and it’ll be grilled on the spot.

Boca Santa

This restaurant is situated in Santa Cruz, a 30 minute drive to the north. Here you’ll find true local food. They serve polvo (octopus) and percebes (goose barnacles, if you are into oysters you’ll also like these), that are caught right in between the rocks out front of the restaurant.

Mar d’areia

A classic and no-nonsense restaurant: paper table cloths, tv with football and a lot of fresh fish on the menu. The fish is always fresh and tastes delicious.

O Pãozinho das Marias

This bakery won the prize for the best Pastel de nata of the Lisbon region last year. This is the place if you’d like to taste this heavenly pastry.


Sunset Bamboo bar

A nice little café in the center of town where you can order delicious salads, fruit juices, burrito’s and grilled sandwiches.

Nalu Bowls

They started on Bali and now they opened a kiosk in Ericeira as well. At south beach, Praia do Sul, they have a photogenic little terrace where you can try their smoothie bowls, with names of world famous surfbreaks such as Uluwatu, Pipeline and Coxos.


At Foz do Lizandro beach this is the right choice to go for lunch. They serve vegan and vegetarian meals, as well as great pancakes.



Here you’ll find a big surf shop, bar, terrace with ocean view and a big skate park. Friday afternoon they often have live music.

Adega Bar 1987

A real Portuguese bar with a funny interior. Everyone goes here, from locals to expats to tourists.


One of the oldest disco’s in Portugal and well known in the area. This is where you go if you want to dance all night.


Ribeira D’Ilhas

Maybe the most famous surf spot of Ericeira. Competitions are often held here, but this wave is also very good for beginners with the right tide. Always take a lesson before surfing here if you don’t have much experience.

Foz do Lizandro

Foz is a big beach south of Ericeira, with some good waves for beginners. There are some surf schools and a couple of nice beach bars. The Lizandro river ends here, and the river is also a cool place for Stand Up Paddling.


With the right tide this is a perfect wave for beginners. The bottom is mostly rocks, so we recommend everyone to take a lesson before going out by yourself. The beach is surrounded by big cliffs, so don’t forget to look around while surfing and be amazed by nature.


Olá Onda Guesthouse

Our guesthouse. All rooms have a private bathroom with a rainshower and most rooms offer a view over the Atlantic Ocean and the hills. There is a big garden with infinity pool and the center of town and the beach are within walking distance.

Fishermans’ House

For backpackers who travel with a smaller budget this hostel, right in the center of town, is the place to be. A colorful hostel, with travelers and surfers from all over the world. Everything looks nice and Ana, the owner, will welcome you as family.



Only a 40 minute drive from Ericeira you’ll find this fairytail-like city filled with castles in the mountains. The area is also very nice to go mountainbiking and hiking.


The colorful capital of Portugal is just around the corner and perfect for a daytrip from Ericeira. Get lost in the small streets, enjoy the views from the many miradouros (viewingpoints), try a ginjinha (cherry liquor) and stroll along the Tague river.


This authentic city has become world famous since 2013 because of the monster waves that break here. Almost every year a new world record is broken for riding worlds biggest wave (up to 30 meters!). In the late fall and winter you’ll have the best chance of seeing these gigantic waves.


A medieval castle wall, very small white houses, churches, flowers and some restaurants and shops – that’s what you’ll find in Óbidos. Easy to combine a visit with Nazaré.

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