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Surf related Christmas present tip: travel guides Surf&Stay and I Love The Seaside

What kind of present should you get your surf obsessed friend / lover / family member this Christmas? In these dark december days chances are that you are still looking for a Christmas present for your beloved ones. That’s why we are here with the number 1 tip: surf travel guides ‘Surf & Stay’ and ‘I Love The Seaside’. Both are beautiful books that any surfer would be more than happy to receive. 


surf and stay travel guide

Why should you get this book? Because it’s a beautiful present for anyone that is into surfing, photography, travel, graphic design, music and campervans. It’s a real coffee table book; it has a hard cover in a light yellow color and the paper is thick and of high quality. The writer, a female Belgian journalist, traveled for 7 months along the Spanish and Portuguese coast in a campervan to gather all info you’ll need for your next surf trip. She writes about her personal experience on the trip, and for every region she shares the best places to surf, eat and sleep. And yes, Olá Onda is in there! Next to guesthouses the writer Veerle Helsen also provides campervan spots and playlists for during your roadtrip. The inspirational photography and graphic design lifts this book to the next level and makes it a beautiful present.

The book is available in Dutch and English.

Price: €34,99

Where can I get it? Order it online here: or get it in your nearest surf shop.

surf and stay travel guide


surf travel guide i love the seaside

Why should you get this book? Because it is a very complete travel guide that gets you excited for your next surf trip just by looking at it. It has everything that you need in a guide; the writers have been traveling themselves for years along the surf coasts of Europe, so they know where to go for the good stuff. I Love The Seaside is the Lonely Planet for surfers, but better. It also has interviews with local shapers, artists and entrepreneurs and background stories about seaside spots and their surf history.

I Love the Seaside has a guide for South West Europe (in which you will find Olá Onda) and one for North West Europe.

Price: €29,95

Where can I get it? In the I Love the Seaside online shop, or in a surf shop or book store close to you, these guides are available all over the world.

surf travel guide i love the seaside