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Welcome! An introduction to Olá Onda

surf ericeira palm tree

We are very happy you found our website and clicked on our blog. Welcome to Olá Onda! The website is still under development, just as the guesthouse is. So things will change regularly, which means you have to visit again sometime in the future. We cannot share any nice photos of the rooms or the guesthouse yet, but we will promise you it’s gonna be great and we’ll share more photos as soon as possible.

On this blog we will write about fun things to do in and around Ericeira and share videos and articles about Olá Onda, Ericeira, Portugal or surfing in general.

The big opening will be in august! If you already are too excited and want to book a room, send us an email on or get in touch through our contact page. Also for any other questions, feel free to contact us. In the meantime: don’t forget to follow us on Instagram & Facebook. See you soon at Olá Onda!