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Why are we closing for the winter?

ola onda guesthouse closing for winter lo res
On november 13 we are closing for the winter season. We still get a lot of booking requests and people asking us why we don’t stay open for this winter. Well, after 1 year full of rebuilding and starting our business, we need some time to rest. And even if the weather is still really great right now, it is going to rain and get cold some time in the next months. But also, we need time to improve Olá Onda and to be an even better guesthouse when we open again in March 2018.

First of all we want to start by finishing the renovation. In July we were in such a hurry to open for guests that we couldn’t perfectly finish the renovation. We know it’s probably never going to be entirely finished, there will always be things left to improve. But this winter we want to focus on improving our bathrooms and the garden. We will be planting a lot more trees in our garden. If anyone in Ericeira is cutting yucca’s please let us know. And hopefully the rain will help the plants that are already here.

We are going to work hard this winter to get everything organized before spring starts. Maybe you have plans to visit us in 2018, or maybe you’ve already visited us. We really hope to see you all (again) at Olá Onda, we’re already looking forward to it!

Contact us here if you want to book a room or have any questions for us. We always reply within a couple of hours.


Photo by Sabine Grootendorst