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Working remotely in Ericeira

remote working ericeira

Now that working remotely has become as normal as working in an office, lots of people choose to work remotely in Ericeira. Enjoying the sun before or after work, have a lunch time surf or sunset mountainbike ride: it just makes your work day so much better. At Olá Onda we offer two options for those seeking to combine their holiday in Ericeira with working remotely: at Casa Olá Onda or at the Bed & Breakfast. We have the wifi and the coffee, you just bring your laptop. Next to that, there are multiple co-working spaces within a 15 minute walk from Olá Onda.

Working remotely from Casa Olá Onda

working remotely ola onda ericeira

When you need to get some serious work done during your remote working trip, we recommend to book the holiday home Casa Olá Onda. In this holiday home the internet is fast, and you will have lots of privacy. There is a table in the open living room and kitchen, and upon request we can provide an office chair for you. Since this holiday home is completely private, it is very quiet and you will have lots of space for calls. On the terrace you can work from the shade, or even the sunshine, whilst enjoying the pool view.

Remote working from the Bed & Breakfast

remote working ericeira

If you book a room in the B&B, you can work from the desk in the common room. Sea view and free coffee all day long. Keep in mind that this is a common room, so it’s available for all guests at Olá Onda. This is a good place if you just need to send some quick emails, however, for a serious work day we recommend to go to one of the many co-working spaces in Ericeira.

Co-working spaces in Ericeira

If you prefer to separate your holiday from your working hours, we recommend to go to one of the following co-working places in Ericeira. All of them are within a 15 minute walk from Olá Onda, and offer everything your coworking heart desires.

Kelp Cowork

The Base Cowork

Salt Coworking